Once you have found gentle, specialist skincare products that can help rather than hinder your skin, you need to establish an appropriate skincare routine:

• Use a gentle cleanser that does not strip your skin of its natural oils but effectively removes impurities. Make sure that you cleanse twice a day, morning and night (although you should also cleanse after exercising to remove sweat).

• Treat your skin with kindness, keeping any touch as light as possible to avoid pulling or irritation. Make sure, too, that you wash your hands before touching your face to avoid the spread of oils and bacteria.

• Once your skin is clean, you need to make sure that it is hydrated. Choose a moisturiser adapted to your skin type that makes it look and feel supple and hydrated. Again, apply it with the lightest of touch.

• Be careful with any acne treatments as they tend to have a drying effect on the skin. Make sure you combat dehydration by using your moisturiser morning and night and making sure you drink enough water during the day. Laser acne treatment can help to reduce blemishes by eliminating the bacteria that cause infection.