Get a tattoo-free body with laser treatment

Posted on 24 Feb, 2010

Nowadays, laser treatment is used by many people who want to remove unwanted tattoos from their body. In laser tattoo removal, a short series of light pulses are passed through the ink of the tattoo.

The process and effectiveness of laser tattoo removal depend on a variety of factors, which include the density of the light used, and the size and colour of the tattoo. Dark coloured tattoos such as black tattoos are quite easy to remove, although but this may not be the case with light coloured tattoos. Tattoos which have green and yellow colours in them are more difficult to remove. This means that the number of sessions needed is likely to be higher.

At the start of the laser tattoo removal process, the surgeon will give you protective glasses which help in protecting your eyes from the lasers. Once the process is complete, the treated area is covered in order to prevent infections. One of the best things about laser tattoo removal treatment is that it is almost painless and there is generally only some redness or swelling after the treatment.

6-7 sessions are often required for the complete removal of tattoos. With each session, the ink is broken into small particles.

Before opting for laser tattoo removal, it is always recommended that you visit a dermatologist to find out if the treatment is suitable for you.