Get acne-free skin with laser acne removal treatment

Posted on 09 Mar, 2010

Acne problems are prevalent all over the world, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. To get rid of these skin problems, people use various creams and medications, but these usually prove ineffective at clearing their skin. If you also suffer from acne then laser acne removal treatment could be a much better treatment option. This is because lasers not only help in removing acne completely but they also remove acne scars from your skin permanently.

How acne develops on the skin

Excess oil and bacteria cause breakouts of acne. Inflammation occurs when pores become clogged by the skin’s natural oils eventually forming pimples and spots. As the bacteria in the skin multiply, the acne gets worse.

How laser acne treatment is performed

In this treatment, a laser beam is used on the area of skin where the acne has developed. The lasers target the bacteria and the sebaceous glands in the skin to get rid of the acne itself and inhibit further breakouts due to excess oil.

Some severe breakouts leave acne scars which can also be removed with the help of lasers. The laser helps in resurfacing the skin by removing the old scar tissue. New tissue takes the place of the scar giving you smooth, fresh skin after the treatment.