Acne is one of the major problems faced by teenagers and adults alike. It is generally caused due to the skin’s inflammatory response to dead cells in sebaceous follicles. Often, excessive amount of collagen is produced due to the improper response of the skin cells.

If you face similar problems with acne, you may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when you are around people. In order to avoid acne, many people try different creams and lotions on their skin. However, most of these products prove to be ineffective. With several advancements in technology, laser acne treatment has proven to be quite effective compared to earlier procedures.

How laser acne treatment works

Laser acne treatment is the newest form of treatment used for treating and removing acne scars. The treatment involves two different procedures: fractional laser therapy and laser resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing is a type of treatment that uses lasers on the scarred part to destroy the topmost part of the skin. Elimination of upper skin layers triggers the inner skin layers to instantly start production of cells and collagen. The new skin that grows is generally normal looking and much healthier.

Fractional laser therapy is another procedure that uses lasers to penetrate to the inner skin layers without causing any harm to your topmost skin layer. This procedure is ideal for people suffering from bumpy and protruding scars. Burning off the inner layers of the skin not only helps to smooth the skin, but also brings the scarred area in line with the rest of your skin.