Get incomplete tattoos removed

Posted on 21 Dec, 2011

The singer Cee Lo Green who brought us the hit song ‘Crazy’ had to walk out of a tattoo parlour because the procedure was simply too painful. He had been in the process of having a large tattoo of his family tree inked into the skin of his back but was unable to stand the pain and discomfort.

He claims he is in no hurry to have the design completed, and so has an unfinished tattoo. Unfortunately, this is a risk taken by those who go for a tattoo. Everyone has different pain thresholds, and some simply cannot tolerate having a whole tattoo done.

Unfortunately, once a tattoo has been started, it cannot just be erased, and if you are left with an incomplete tattoo it could cause embarrassment.

Some creams claim to help fade tattoos, but for the most effective treatment and impressive results, you will need to consider laser tattoo removal. The laser targets the pigments in the ink, which are designed to be too large for the body to absorb naturally.

The laser breaks down the pigments into fragments that are small enough for the scavenger cells to remove, causing the tat to fade…