Get rid of acne permanently with laser acne treatment

Posted on 13 Jan, 2011

Acne and blackheads is a common skin problem for over 70% of teenagers and adults. Although acne is just a physical condition, it can have serious emotional effects on the sufferer.

There are many over the counter medication creams and lotions that claim to cure acne problems. However, most of them are not suitable for all skin types. In fact, in most cases the acne problem worsens after the use of these medications. This is when laser acne treatment is the perfect solution to get rid of that acne, blackheads, pimples and scars.

The laser acne treatment procedure

As the name suggests, laser acne treatment uses laser light to cure acne problems. The treatment works to re-surface the skin to give a better look to the affected area. When the high intensity laser light is targeted on the affected area, it kills the acne producing bacteria. The procedure also aims to treat acne and avoid further scarring.

Laser acne treatment also stimulates the natural skin repair mechanism in an effective manner. The consequences of removing the acne producing bacteria and stimulating the repair mechanism of the skin will have a positive effect which can last for several months.

For the best results and for the complete elimination of acne, at least three treatment sessions are required. One of the best features of the laser acne treatment procedure is that it can effectively treat acne on different parts of the body including the neck, back, chest and face.