Get rid of stretch marks with laser therapy

Posted on 17 May, 2011

Stretch marks are effectively scars which appear on the body. They often appear after a person loses weight or in women after pregnancy. These occur due to the stretching of the skin over a period of time. Once the skin contracts back after being stretched for a time, it leaves these scars behind. Thankfully stretch mark removal is an easy process with the help of laser therapy.

How does laser therapy work?

No matter what the cause or the location of the scars on the body, the solution is the same. Stretch mark removal using lasers is an easy process and does not take more than a few sessions. Lasers are aimed at target cells which form the stretch marks. These cells are destroyed without any damage to the other cells in any way. Cosmetologists popularly use lasers to remove stretch marks.

Are there any side effects?

Stretch mark removal is perfectly safe and side effects, if any, will be very minor. The side effects may include a temporary darkening or lightening of the target area and slight swelling of the treated area. The doctor can provide you with creams to take care of any such effects.