Get rid of those stretch marks with laser treatment

Posted on 16 Feb, 2011

Stretch marks are a feature of rapid weight gain or loss. Stretch marks do not have any health-related consequences, however, they are a cosmetic concern. You may find topical creams and ointments which may help to a certain extent. However, laser treatment is by far the best possible option as it offers to compete reduction of stretch marks.

Stretch marks – What are they?

The middle layer of skin is called the dermis. Stretch marks appear when the dermis gets stretched excessively. Connective collagen fibres are ruptured and split causing scarred skin. This is what happens when there is rapid weight gain or loss. Stretch marks look like pink or purple stripes on the parts of the body more prone to weight gain. Thighs, belly, hips and underarms are the places where the stretch marks are most commonly found.

How can they be removed?

Out of all the available removal techniques, laser stretch mark removal is the only one with proven results.

This method offers great advantages over conventional plastic surgery. The thinner layers of skin around the stretch mark are subjected to a high-intensity ultraviolet laser beam. This leads to the disintegration of the upper thick layer of skin on the stretch mark. The skin is vapourised and skin collagen is stimulated to grow new skin.

Laser skin treatment for stretch marks offers the best results and even though it may take a few sittings it is worth the wait.