Get rid of undesirable tattoos with laser tattoo removal

Posted on 10 Nov, 2010

Laser tattoo removal is arguably the best treatment to get rid of tattoos permanently. However, before you decide to go ahead with the treatment, you should first consider whether you are the right candidate for the procedure. Your candidature depends on several factors. You would be considered an ideal candidate for laser tattoo removal if you have a medium to fair skin tone. This is because most lasers work best on lighter skin tones.

The tattoo should preferably be of a darker colour and should be present on the upper layers of the skin. The tattoo should be shaded with distinct, bold colours. Black is the tattoo colour considered most suitable for laser tattoo removal.

The declining cost of surgery

Laser tattoo removal was initially considered a procedure only for the wealthy considering the high cost. However, with advancing technology, the costs have come down considerably. Everyone can avail of the benefits of laser tattoo removal. Unlike earlier treatments where there were many side-effects, the present-day treatment comes with virtually no harm to the patient.

Healing time

Laser tattoo removal does not require much time to heal, although the healing period can vary from patient to patient. Once healed, the new skin should be entirely blemished free.