If you have excessive body hair, it can really knock your confidence. It always leaves you spending hours on hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing and using depilatory cream. It’s often messy, expensive, time-consuming and not all that effective.

If you have unwanted, noticeable hair on your face or neck, however, your problems can be just that little bit worse. Whilst you can hide other body parts away under clothes, your face is always visible and people will always look at it whilst talking to you. This is why having dark, coarse or excess hair in this area can cause you to feel painfully self-conscious, shy or embarrassed.

Luckily for people with unwanted facial hair, laser treatment is now available to tackle the problem. Having excess facial hair is often worse for people with dark hair and pale skin, as the hair is more noticeable, but fortunately this is also the easiest to treat. However, thanks to advances in laser technology, effective treatment is now available for people with lighter-coloured hair too.

Rather than waste huge amounts of time removing hair only for it to grow back again, consider getting laser hair removal treatment and see permanent results. Then you never have to worry about unwanted face or body hair again!