Get rid of unwanted hair with laser treatment

Posted on 16 Sep, 2010

It is natural for people to be concerned about their appearance and poor body image can have a real psychological effect. Unwanted hair growth is the source of significant problems for a lot of people. Laser hair removal is an effective treatment to get rid of this hair. This treatment can be used to treat hair on various parts of your body.

Factors on which treatment depends

Laser hair removal treatment depends on several factors like skin colour, length of hair and density of hair. This treatment works on hair follicles. The density and length do not let the laser reach the follicles directly. This takes time for the treatment. These are the factors that are to be considered before the treatment.

Understanding the procedure

Laser light is applied to the skin. This light targets the melanin found in hairs and hair follicles. The temperature of these pulses makes the hairs and follicles rise. It then destroys the protein of hair cells that is responsible for hair growth.

After a few days of treatment, hair is removed completely. You can see the results after one to three weeks of treatment. Patients must stop the use of hair removing creams and shavers before the treatment. These hair removers damage the skin, making it sensitive to the pulse of light.