Tattoos have become a part of modern culture and many people are getting tattoos on different body parts with different attractive designs. Nowadays, tattoos are made with the help of an electric tattoo machine which has needles in it. These needles puncture the skin with an up and down movements.

Different colours are used to make the tattoos look more attractive but many people find them unattractive after a few years or get bored with them. In such cases, lasers help them to remove tattoos from their body permanently.

How do lasers help in tattoo removal?

The surgeon uses a laser which is focused on the ink of the tattoos and then the tattoo is broken into small particles. The process of tattoo removal is done with the help of coloured light beams. The whole process might take a numbers of sessions.

Here are some of the steps of laser hair removal:

Firstly, the eyes of the patient are covered with protective glasses to protect them. After this, a device is placed against the surface of the skin and then the treatment begins. During the treatment, the patient may feel little bit of pain, but it is negligible. To remove large tattoos, more pulses are required.

After the treatment is completed, the area has an ice pack applied to soothe the area. In some cases, a topical antibiotic ointment or cream is applied on the treated area for protection.