Get rid of your acne with laser acne treatment

Posted on 19 Apr, 2011

Acne is a common skin problem these days. Laser acne treatment not only removes the current pimples but also the traces, scars and red spots left by previous acne. It has proved to be more effective compared to many of the creams currently available.

The different types of laser acne treatments

There are two main types of procedures that are successful in getting rid of acne completely. The following paragraphs will tell you more about these procedures:

Method 1:

In this method, the laser acne treatment usually focuses on shrinking the sebaceous glands which are responsible for making your skin shiny and oily. The oil produced by this gland clogs the skin pores, giving rise to acne. The laser light deactivates the gland therefore reducing the presence of excess oil and curbing the appearances of acne. This method prevents the acne from appearing again.

Method 2:

In this method, the laser acne treatment kills the bacteria present in the skin pores. These bacteria are tough to get rid of even when using face cleansing products. The laser light penetrates the top layer of the skin and kills the bacteria to reveal smoother skin. This method is more effective in stopping the appearance of acne.