Get rid of your acne with laser acne treatment

Posted on 17 Jun, 2010

Acne is a skin disorder that afflicts adults and teenagers alike. While earlier acne treatment procedures proved to be less than effective, people are now getting excited about new advanced treatments such as laser acne treatment.

Using topical skin creams and prescription drugs available over-the-counter are not always effective. On the other hand, laser acne treatment is the most advanced acne treatment procedure currently available that is highly effective at treating acne.

How is laser acne treatment administered?

The heat created by the laser acne apparatus damages the sebaceous glands. However, as the heat is applied for only a split second, it does not burn your skin. But you may experience a little discomfort during the procedure. The majority of patients undergoing laser acne treatment are able to completely get rid of their active acne and acne scars.

While one procedure attacks the bacteria growing in the sebaceous glands, the other treats the sebaceous glands by reducing the quantity of oil produced by them. The extreme heat produced by lasers helps to reduce the excess oil production of the sebaceous glands. This is instant evidence that laser acne treatment can effectively treat acne. The laser acne treatment procedure uses two different technologies to cure acne.

Patients who have undergone the laser acne treatment procedure report that during the application of laser light, they experience a prick similar to a rubber band snapping. If you are uncomfortable with such a sensation, you can ask the doctor to apply a local anaesthetic cream.

For patients looking forward to get rid of their acne scars, laser acne treatment is probably the best procedure to go for.