It’s very exciting to get a tattoo, but people often forget to consider what would happen if you ever wanted it removed. Well, technology has progressed hugely over the years and now, tattoo removal laser treatment is available and this treatment can quickly and easily remove tattoos.

The way that the laser treatment works is that it gets rid of the pigmentation caused by the tattoo. This kind of treatment is effective at ridding you of black, blue and dark red ink. However, it is difficult to remove colours such as greens, yellows, lighter reds or oranges and turquoise.

Once you have had one treatment to remove your tattoo, it is wise to return after 4 or 5 weeks for another session. This will give your skin time to heal and will mean that the treatment is a lot more effective. After around 8 or 9 weeks, you will notice some really good results. The amount of sessions you have does depend on the size of your tattoo though. The forearm and ankle are areas where it is harder to remove tattoos, while other parts are faster for removal.