As the holiday season is upon us, many of you may already be dreading the prospect of baring the bits of you that have remained under wraps since last summer!

There are, however, some simple steps you can take to improve the appearance of your skin and your confidence:

Laser hair removal – ideal for the removal of unwanted body (or facial) hair in men and women. Wherever the excess hair is, laser treatment can provide fantastic permanent results, which means no more worries when heading to the beach.

• Make sure skin is nourished and moisturised with specialist skincare products. Our Body Peel is designed to cleanse and exfoliate body skin, revealing clearer and smoother skin. Moisturise and revitalise with Body Hydroskin to combat the months of central heating.

• Don’t hide your stretch marks, deal with them. Our Stretch Mark Serum has been designed specifically for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. If you prefer to take the route of stretch mark removal, laser treatment and microdermabrasion can significantly reduce the presence of stretch marks and drastically improve the skin’s appearance.

So stop worrying about how you will look on holiday, and get proactive. Laser treatment or specialist skincare products can help you regain confidence and enjoy your summer break.