Get your doubts about laser tattoo removal treatment solved

Posted on 29 Nov, 2010

Laser tattoo removal treatment and its effectiveness have always been the most debated topic amongst tattoo lovers. This debate has given birth to lots of myths that have to lead to confusion. Both temporary and permanent tattoos can be removed with laser treatment. If you have a tattoo and want to get rid of it but have some doubts about it then read on.

Is laser removal treatment effective on all tattoos?

Two major factors – the colour of skin and the type of ink used contributes to the effectiveness of laser removal treatment. It is easier to remove the pigments of ink from fair skin compared to darker tones.

Similarly, the single coloured tattoos are easier to remove as the fragments of ink can be easily broken into tiny particles.

Is this treatment harmful to the skin?

No. Laser tattoo removal treatment uses an intense beam of laser to break the particles of ink into tiny fragments. These fragments are then carried away by the scavenging cells from the tattoo site resulting in the removal of the tattoo. As the laser is directed only at the particles of ink, the skin is not harmed at all by the procedure.

How much time does it take?

The time taken for the treatment depends on the type of tattoo. Multi-coloured tattoos will require more time than the single coloured ones. Considering several factors like the area of the tattoo, the complexion of skin and size of the tattoo, it may take 6 – 8 sessions to remove the tattoo completely. A gap of 4 – 8 weeks is required between each session.