Tattoo regret is a fairly common phenomenon these days, particularly as a rise in popularity has made them seem like less of a big deal in the first place.

They are not easy to remove, however. There are some creams on the market which claim to make the tattoo fade over time, but the process is a lengthy one and some products promise more than they can guarantee. It is important to check ingredients carefully for any that are known to be harmful, and for those that are simply designed to fade skin pigmentation.

You could opt to cover your tattoo rather than going for tattoo removal. This will involve choosing or designing a new and larger tattoo that will conceal the original. This could be a possibility for those who don’t regret having A tattoo, just the one they have!

If tattoo removal is the only outcome that will make you happy, however, laser removal is probably your best bet. Laser treatment is effective on black and most coloured tattoos and removes the ink safely without causing damage to the surrounding skin. It breaks up the pigment in the ink so that the body can naturally cause its dispersion and the fading of the tattoo.