Despite the fact that rosacea is a fairly common skin condition, many people do not even know that they have it! It starts by causing the face to flush easily; then the redness becomes more persistent. Spots can appear, as well as visible thread veins. As the condition progresses it can become more difficult to conceal and some people suffer socially because of it.

Once the condition has been diagnosed it is important to get to know it. Rosacea is usually triggered by something, and so the first step should always be to identify what those triggers are. Keeping a rosacea diary can be helpful, as it can make it easier to find links between events or foods and a flare-up of the problem.

Common triggers include: hot weather, cold weather, spicy foods, alcohol, sunlight, stress
Once the triggers have been identified, it will be easier to manage the skin condition and to avoid anything that may provoke the symptoms. If redness becomes persistent and is causing problems, IPL can effectively reduce the flushed appearance of the skin, as well as removing any thread veins.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘cure’ for rosacea, but adopting the right techniques and using rosacea treatment can help to keep it under control.