Getting your tattoo removed using laser treatment

Posted on 18 May, 2011

Do you regret getting your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends name tattooed on your body? You don’t have to worry however because removing a tattoo is a relatively simple procedure using laser treatment.

Tattoo removal

You should make sure that the clinic offering the tattoo removal service has a tattoo removal laser. Laser’s used for other procedures like hair removal and vein treatment are designed for those treatments and not for tattoo removal. Clinics which specialise in laser treatment to remove a tattoo will possess all the right equipment so you can get rid of your tattoo.

Make sure of the medical credentials

Although tattoo removal is a fairly simple procedure, it should be performed by trained professionals. You must make sure that their medical credentials are in order. Before the surgery, the company should make sure that your medical history allows you to undergo laser treatment, and the skin is free from infection. Nursing mothers are advised not to go ahead with this treatment.

Free consultation

Always ask for a free consultation. If you’re unsure about the procedure, talk about it with your GP or a dermatologist.

Avoid exposure to the sun

Tattoo removal treatment requires clear undamaged skin around the tattoo. If the area around the tattoo is sunburnt, then you’ll need to postpone the procedure for at least seven days.

Give the practitioner a list of the medication that you are taking before you undergo the treatment. Certain prescriptions make patients sensitive to light. The nurse or the physician will decide whether you can undergo the treatment.

Tattoo removal via laser treatment is a common and a completely safe procedure.