There are many reasons for the excessive growth of unwanted hair, known as hypertrichosis or hirsutism. The terms denote hair growth in an unusual pattern. The cause of this kind of hair growth is often genetic but can be due to hormones, medications, tumours, malnutrition or metabolic problems. Visible hirsutism can be a source of extreme difficulty for its sufferers.

Unwanted hair grows on many areas of the body including the face, ears, chin, back, legs, hands, toes. It is possible to remove this hair with the help of laser techniques.


Laser hair removal is faster and more cost-effective than other methods, as it can treat a large area of the skin at one time. Lasers send low energy beams through the skin which are absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair follicles. Repeated laser sessions are required, as hair grows in a cyclic pattern. With regular sessions, 80 per cent of hair can be removed easily.

Various kinds of lasers are used in the process, such as the ruby, alexandrite and diode. These lasers were the first to be recognised for hair removal treatment. They are best for light-skinned, dark-haired individuals, as the dark skin in the surrounding area cannot absorb the light which is released. Lasers with longer wavelengths like Nd: YAG lasers are capable of treating darker skin types.

The laser hair removal treatment needs to be performed under the supervision of a physician or a dermatologist trained to help you by managing different hair and skin problems.