Going for laser tattoo removal?

Posted on 18 Oct, 2010

If you have ugly and unwanted tattoos on your body and want to get rid of them then opt for laser tattoo removal. Unlike other tattoo removal methods, laser treatment offers quick results. Today, many people all over the world are going for laser treatment to treat different skin imperfections. If you have decided to undergo laser tattoo removal then you must know how it works.

In the process of laser tattoo removal, high-tech lasers are used to remove the tattoos from the body. The main role of the lasers is to break the tattoo ink into various small pigments. These pigments are then removed by the immune system of the body. The best thing about these lasers is that they do not affect the cells which are around the tattoos.

What affects the laser tattoo removal treatment?

Tattoos are made using different types of inks. It has been proved that dark colours are easier to remove than bright colours. For instance, colours like black and blue can be removed easily because they can absorb more light. On the other hand, colours like green, red and purple take more time. Apart from the colours, the size affects the tattoo removal procedure too. It has been observed that large tattoos take longer than small ones.

Once your tattoo removal treatment is completed then it is necessary to protect the treated area from direct sunlight.