According to Fox News, a study has been conducted in California and New Zealand to find out what women find physically attractive about men. One result seems to be fairly clear cut.

The women participating in the study were shown photographs of men with varying amounts of body hair and were asked to rate their attractiveness. The scores were found to decrease as chest and stomach body increased, showing a clear female preference for smoother, hair-free bodies.

There are various options open to men who want to remove excess body hair:

• Shaving, although this needs to be done with care, so as to avoid any cuts. It also needs to be done frequently in order to avoid stubble.

• Waxing offers longer-lasting results, although it can be rather painful! Treatment needs to be repeated every 2-4 weeks.

Laser hair removal lasts the longest. The laser denatures the hair follicle, preventing new hair from growing back.

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