Has bodybuilding left you with stretch marks ?

Posted on 22 Apr, 2012

We may tend to associate stretch marks with adolescent growth spurts or pregnancy, but these are not the only life events that may cause the appearance of these red or purple lines… The transformations that bodybuilders often undergo in search of the perfect musculature can involve a rapid increase in body mass, which can put the skin under great strain.

Bodybuilders can often develop stretch marks in those areas that gain muscle quickly, such as the arms and chest, as well as the thighs. And for bodybuilders, for whom appearance is very important particularly in the context of competitions, stretch marks can be a real pain.

Makeup products designed to be used on the body can help to conceal these marks, but although stretch marks can fade in colour over time, the skin will never be quite the same again. If this is problematic, or if the stretch marks are extensive, then stretch mark removal may be the best bet.

Stretch mark removal uses a combination of microdermabrasion and laser therapy in order to remove dead and damaged skin cells and stimulate the process of tissue renewal and collagen production.