Have you got stretch marks after your pregnancy?

Posted on 29 Oct, 2010

Stretch marks are a common problem faced by ladies who have just given birth. These are the result of the sudden expansion of skin in this particular area. Women used to carry these marks with them for their lifetime in the past but with the introduction of laser technology, you can easily get rid of these marks. If you are a pregnant woman worried about your stretch marks then here are some clarifications regarding laser stretch mark removal treatment.

When should you opt for this treatment?

Women think that they can have laser treatment for stretch marks as soon as they notice them on their skin. You cannot opt for laser stretch mark removal treatment when you are pregnant. After the delivery, you need to wait for a few months for complete recovery and then opt for the treatment. It is preferred to consult your doctor and know whether your skin is ready for the treatment.

Does this treatment damage your skin?

The laser stretch marks removal treatment does not harm your skin. This treatment uses a beam of laser to remove the damaged skin and heal the affected area. As the layers of damaged skin are removed by a laser, the affected area is remodelled. This treatment gives you a renewed and smooth looking skin.

Is this treatment painful after pregnancy?

Women often think that the laser stretch marks removal treatment must be painful after pregnancy as the skin is delicate. This is not true. You are allowed to have the treatment after you completely recover. All you can feel is a sharp stretch like a rubber band on your skin which does not involve any pain.