While skin is vulnerable to the effects of the sun during the summer months, winter brings with it a whole new set of challenges that can leave your skin looking dull and tired if you don’t take the right steps to protect it.

Cold winds can dry your skin out, causing it to flake and crack, so probably the first product you need to get hold of in preparation for the cold spell is a decent moisturiser. Ideally, you need a heavier moisturiser for the night as it needs to allow the skin to recover from the day time exposure to the elements.

Day-time moisturiser can be lighter, although it does need to be able to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Oily skins still need to be sufficiently hydrated, and oil-free moisturisers such as our Fluid H Derma Moisture can do the job without causing extra shine.

Don’t forget the delicate area of skin around the eyes, which needs particular attention. Essential Eye Serum nourishes and moisturises this fragile skin that is prone to signs of damage and ageing. Make sure you look after this area morning and night.