While it always raises the spirits to see the sun making a more frequent appearance after the dull days of winter, it can cause problems for those of us who suffer from rosacea.

Most people affected by the skin condition report that sunlight is most likely to trigger symptoms such as redness and flushing. The second most common trigger is stress, followed by alcohol and spicy foods.

So, now that the cold snap may finally be behind us, those who suffer from rosacea need to make sure that they are prepared to protect their skin. You simply need to take certain precautions:

• Wear a wide-brimmed hat and keep the sun away from your face.

• Make sure you use an effective sunblock on your face every day. The Laser Treatment Clinic offers a total sunblock of SPF40 which is ideal for use on skin that can be sensitive and fragile.

• Cosmetics nowadays often contain sunblock. Make sure you go for a product designed not to block pores or irritate sensitive skin.

Skin affected by rosacea will prove to be more sensitive to changes in seasons, so always make sure you are prepared!