Here is a brief guide to opting for laser stretch marks removal

Posted on 28 Nov, 2010

Laser treatment uses advanced technology to treat the affected areas of your skin without leaving any damage. The popularity of laser skin treatment is increasing amongst celebrities for the same reason. Pregnancy and sudden gain or loss of weight are two main reasons that cause stretch marks. If any of the above reasons have caused stretch marks on your skin and you are planning to get rid of them with the help of laser stretch marks removal then here are few things you should know:

Which parts of the body can be treated?

Many patients think that the stretch marks on certain parts of the body like the hips and thighs cannot be treated. This is not true. Stretch marks found on any part of your body, may it be thighs, upper arms or belly, can be effectively treated by the laser stretch marks removal treatment.

The treatment procedure

Stretch marks are a result of the stretched, thin layers of skin found on the upper layer of your skin. With the help of an intense laser beam, the molecular bonds in the tissue of skin are disintegrated which helps in the formation of new and improved skin tissues that reduces the stretch marks. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may find redness of skin immediately after the treatment.

Why choose laser stretch mark removal treatment over others?

Compared to other treatments, laser stretch mark removal treatment is the most effective one that gives you definite results. This treatment does not involve much time and can give you noticeable results within just a few weeks.