As skin ages, it starts to lose elasticity as well as the ability to renew itself as quickly and efficiently as before. It also starts to display signs of damage, sustained over the years and caused by various factors:

• Exposure to sunlight
• Smoking
• Harsh environmental conditions
• Pollution etc.

Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the face, an area particularly vulnerable to the ageing effects of the environment. Thread veins can start to form beneath the surface of the skin, showing through as red or purple spidery lines. Age spots can also become more prominent and numerous, as damage from the sun causes pigmentation to develop unevenly.

These dreaded signs of getting older can be combatted in several ways:

• Prevention. Ensuring that skin is nourished and moisturised can help minimise the effects of ageing, and a healthy lifestyle will also help.
• Camouflage. Makeup can help to conceal the imperfections associated with skin damage and ageing.
• Repair. There are two types of non-invasive treatment used at The Laser Treatment Clinic that can significantly improve the appearance of damaged or aged skin. Photorejuvenation treatment uses IPL for pigmentation or thread vein removal, while microdermabrasion and laser treatment remove the damaged layers of skin and stimulate the production of youthful-looking new skin cells.