Home remedies to cure acne and benefits of laser acne treatment

Posted on 16 Sep, 2010

Acne infections are a cause of worry for many patients around the world. Acne can cause uneven skin tone and a flawed complexion which can also lead to depression.

There have been many traditional methods to cure acne. None of them have been completely successful to treat acne permanently. Following are some simple home remedies that can reduce acne to a certain extent.

Keep your face clean

It is important that you keep your face clean and oil free at all times of the day. Excess oil on the face is a growth nutrient for acne causing bacteria.

Use a face pack

Your face is daily exposed to pollution which can clog up skin pores and block them. Clogged skin pores cannot breathe. Using a herbal face pack can clean the pores and let them breathe.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies, there are many surgical treatments. Laser acne treatment is the best cure for treating acne permanently. There are many benefits of this procedure. They are:

Drug free treatment

Laser acne treatment is a drug-free and non-invasive procedure unlike other invasive procedures. It does not require usage of any knives or blades and is a painless procedure.

Complete cure

Laser acne treatment involves the use of intense beams of laser light that not only remove the acne marks but also destroy the acne causing bacteria present underneath the skin. This ensures that there is no chance of acne resurfacing.

No side effects

Laser acne treatment has no side-effects and the treatment is highly successful in most cases. Advanced technology has helped to make the treatment free from any side-effects and provides a higher success rate.