Active acne can be a terribly distressing skin condition; severe cases can be characterised by the presence of papules, pustules, nodules and cysts on the face, shoulders, chest and back, which can be unsightly and very painful.

Generally, blemishes occur when certain conditions combine:

Sluggish skin cell renewal. Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells in order to reveal new ones. Acne-prone skin is often inefficient at shedding these cells, which tend to accumulate on the skin, mixing with sebum to block pores.

Excess sebum production. Sebum is essential for our skin if it is to protect itself against moisture loss and damage from the elements and the environment. When too much is produced, it can cause congestion in the pores. Sebum continues to be produced even if a pore is blocked, leading to increasing pressure within the pore.

Bacteria. We all have bacteria on our skin, and when the natural balance is maintained, they pose no problem at all. When pores become blocked, however, these bacteria can proliferate, causing infection and inflammation. I.P.L. can effectively eliminate these bacteria from the surface of the skin, thus reducing the risk of sore, red spots while also stimulating the body’s healing process.