Preventing birthmarks is not possible, or at least, we do not know how it would be possible. Some are temporary and will fade before a child goes to school. Others will not and could accompany someone throughout their life.

There are different treatments that are used depending on the severity of the birthmark, ranging from using cosmetics to cover a mark to surgical removal. One of the options for birthmark removal is Advanced Intense Pulsed Light therapy.

AIPL uses light energy to destroy the blood vessels that give the red birthmarks their bright red appearance. The intense light is pulsed against the skin, and the energy from this is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the veins. The energy causes the blood to heat up, and once it reaches a high enough temperature, it causes the walls of the blood vessels to denature and collapse.

This all happens very quickly, and an area of 2”x2” only requires ten seconds to treat. Immediately after the AIPL, the birthmark may actually appear darker than before and can blister. Within two weeks, however, it will start to fade or peel away.

Birthmark removal is possible, and AIPL provides a way of improving the appearance of a birthmark quickly and without damaging the surrounding skin.