It is possible to reduce the risk of getting stretch marks, although it will also depend on the individual’s hormone levels and whether there is a family tendency to develop them.

Stretch marks can be caused by rapid weight gain, so maintaining a healthy and stable weight means that the skin will not be put under excessive strain. Any increase or decrease in weight should be gradual in order to allow the skin to adapt to the changes.

This can be difficult during pregnancy for obvious reasons, but ensuring that weight gain is gradual can reduce the number of stretch marks that appear.

Taking care of the skin can also help: a healthy diet that provides all the vitamins necessary for healthy skin will make the skin more resistant to damage. It is also essential to keep the skin well-hydrated using moisturisers. The action of massaging the creams can also help to improve blood flow to the skin.

If despite all your best efforts at prevention, you do develop stretch marks, there are treatments that can help to improve their appearance. Rose E oil can encourage healing, improve the skin’s texture and reduce redness, while stretch mark removal can also be very effective.