How Derma White Treatment Can Reduce Hyperpigmentation On Black & Asian Skin

Posted on 18 Oct, 2023

The Derma White Treatment is an all-natural and non-invasive skin treatment offered exclusively at The Laser Treatment Clinic. This treatment aims to tackle a wide number of skin concerns, most namely, hyperpigmentation and pigmented scars. It’s important to note that The Derma White treatment is highly effective on treating all types of hyperpigmentation on all areas of the face and body on all skin types, especially on black and asian skin. In this blog post we’ll be discussing how Derma White treatment can help to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation skin concerns due to Sun Exposure, Acne Spots and Blemishes, Folliculitis, Ingrown Hairs, Child-hood Scars, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Fungal Infections, Skin Rashes, Waxing, Insect Bites, Scars, Stretch Marks, Tribal Marks, Skin Inflammation, Hydroquinone & Harsh Products and other Skin irritations.

What exactly is the Derma White Treatment? 

The Derma White Treatment works in a similar way to a chemical peel, however with the important difference that it is  herbal peel and only contains natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that won’t harm your skin. This herbal blend is applied to the treatment area, and left to sink in and do its magic. 

The Derma White treatment in collaboration with Ultra Light Derma White cream effectively lightens the pigmented skin, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation to match the rest of the patient’s skin tone. 

How does the Derma White Treatment work? 

The Derma White Treatment can lighten and brighten hyperpigmented parts of the skin, improving the look of the skin permanently. During this treatment, blood circulation in the skin is increased, promoting skin renewal. The production of collagen is also stimulated during Derma White treatment, tightening and brightening the affected skin. This combined with the Ultra Light Derma White cream leads to a gentle solution to brightening the skin and reducing hyperpigmentation.

Ultra Light Derma White cream contains the purest and highest levels of Giga White Swiss Alpine Herbs. This material has been clinically tested over 12 weeks and shown to have proven pigmentation lightening and brightening effect and reduce the appearance of brown/age spots, if used correctly and consistently.

Why choose the Derma White Treatment for hyperpigmentation? 

The Derma White treatment and products is a fantastic option for hyperpigmentation, as it offers many unique benefits. These include:

Being designed for black and asian skin

The Derma White treatment is a gentle and natural treatment with natural ingredients in both the treatment and skincare products, which works incredibly well on black and asian skin. The two skin types that suffer commonly from Hyperpigmentation issues. However the treatment is suitable for all skin types suffering from Hyperpigmentation. Here at The Laser Treatment clinic, we understand how to look after and treat darker skin tones, protecting your skin and doing what’s best for it.

Being non-surgical and non-invasive

One major benefit of Derma White treatment is that it is a natural treatment that is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. As this treatment is simply applied and massaged into the target areas similar to a chemical peel, you won’t feel any pain. 

All-natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin

There are many minerals and vitamins that are essential to healthy and thriving skin, the Derma White treatment is packed full of them. All the ingredients we use are gentle on your skin, making this treatment suitable for those with sensitive skin.

For more information about the Derma White treatment and our other hyperpigmentation treatment options, please contact us any-time. Additionally you can also book your free consultation with us.