Scar Treatment

Acne is the most recognisable and common skin disorder in the world, affecting millions of people, mostly in adolescence. It affects all skin types and skin tones and can cause anxiety, low self esteem and even depression, particularly as it occurs at such a delicate age. Do not despair our Scar treatment offers a permanent solution even for Asian and Afro Caribbean skin problems.

How Scarring Can Differ

Scarring can follow bouts of moderate to severe acne breakouts due to damage occurring in the superficial and dermis layers of the skin caused by prolonged inflammation. Scars are made of fibrous tissue which forms to replace normal skin after breakouts. In lighter skin tones scarring causes redness, or erythema, and sometimes brown marks. Darker skin tones such as Asian and Afro caribbean skin tones experience flatter scars and darker patches of skin, or hyperpigmentation. The scars often heal darker than the surrounding healthy skin as a result of the production of melanin during the healing process around the site of injury. Creating Hyper-pigmentation and other Asian and Afro Caribbean skin problems.

Many people choose laser treatment as a good, safe alternative to surgical treatment or harsh chemical peels. The results of which provide permanently smooth clear skin. Laser treatment focuses specifically on the areas where acne has damaged the surface of the skin.

A Treatment To Suit Your Skin

Our acne scar treatment utilises Marine Boost technology. This consists of a a high performance natural peel and medical grade microdermabrasion which is a sophisticated technology that provides a deeper skin exfoliation to encourage smoother clear skin to show through. The treatment enables skin cells to metabolise more quickly which means that skin rejuvenates faster and encourages the fresh new skin cells to promote collagen growth. Increased collagen product on leads to smoother, firmer skin.

Darker skin tones such as Asian and Afro Caribbean skin benefit from our Derma White treatment. This effectively tackles most types of hyperpigmentation including acne scars by evening out skin tone for natural looking skin. The treatment lightens darker areas of the skin, caused by hyperpigmentation, but doesn’t involve any kind of bleaching. It is safe and non-invasive, working in harmony with your skin. The skin tone is evened out using lasers which break up the dark patches of hyperpigmentation for the body to absorb, naturally. The body then creates fresh, new, clear skin in its place.

Whatever your skin tone, The Laser Treatment Clinic has a technique to help you achieve smoother, even toned skin which can work to boost your self confidence and wellbeing.

For Acne Scar Treatment in London that fits your skin tone, why not get in touch. Together, we can work on a solution that will have your skin looking and feeling better than ever.