Acne is a skin problem which appears around puberty and lasts till adulthood. Acne appears when the skins sebaceous glands are blocked and the skin become inflamed which results in the rupturing of the gland. Sometimes, hormonal changes also lead to acne breakouts. One of the effective ways to control and prevent an acne breakout is laser acne therapy.

Laser acne therapy is safe and it has long lasting results.

The procedure of laser acne therapy

The laser therapy works by targeting the glands using the laser and this leads to the shrinking of those glands. The laser acne therapy works in two different steps – firstly, the laser heats up the skin around the sebaceous gland and this goes up to a temperature that kills the bacteria inside the glands. Secondly, the laser shrinks the sebaceous glands, so they do not produce any oil. These two steps have been found very effective for all skin tones.

After the laser acne therapy – During the treatment, you may experience a small amount of pain but lotions and gels can minimise this. After laser acne therapy, there are no side effects but sometimes swelling and redness appears on the skin which can last for a period of two to three days. Darker spots or areas of hyper pigmentation may become darker but later on the skin peels off and leaves normal skin behind.

After the laser acne therapy, you need to avoid direct sun exposure for at least forty eight hours.