Laser treatment has emerged as a successful way to treat unwanted hair problems. The thin laser beam removes any unwanted hair on the body. The process is accomplished using a thin laser because some of the hairs are very fine. Excessive hair growth can cause mental issues like low self-respect or low self-esteem.

The dark pigments within the skin are caused by melanin. It is the same pigment found in the hair which is targeted under the laser treatment. The procedure involves attacking the root of the hair that is hair follicles. The end results are the destruction of these hair follicles, preventing hair growing from that follicle again. As such, the therapy often results in a slower growth of the hair in that area. Complete hair removal can be achieved by a series of laser treatment sessions.

The process of hair removal

A cold gel is applied to the place where treatment has to be performed. The crystal solution is applied on the skin followed by a laser beam. The patients wear specially designed goggles for the protection of the eyes. During the treatment, patients will usually feel a mild sting on their skin. Sometimes, depending upon the skin type, some anaesthetic gel or other products are applied to reduce the pain.

The procedure is harmless and does not produce any odour whilst the treatment. The patient needs to avoid direct exposure to sunlight straight after the procedure. This will aid in quicker healing of the area treated.

Advice before opting for laser treatment

It will be wise to consult your physician or GP before going for laser treatment. This will help you to know if laser treatment suits your skin type.

The laser treatment is the safest way to get treated for skin-related issues. It is emerging as one of the fastest ways to get treated for a number of physical issues.