Tattoos are of two types: an Indian ink amateur tattoo and a multi-coloured professional tattoo. Laser tattoo removal treatments work best on a single ink tattoo. A multi-coloured or professional tattoo is more complex and difficult to eradicate. Tattoos in colours such as black, red, and blue are easy to remove, but colours like purple, yellow, and green can be difficult to deal with.

Laser tattoo removal treatments can also treat cosmetic tattoos. Cosmetic tattoos are mostly used as semi-permanent make-up. They occur in places such as the eyebrows, lip lines and beauty spots.

The ink particles in a tattoo are too large for your body’s immune system to completely eradicate. If the ink in a tattoo is broken into smaller particles, your body will be able to remove it. With the help of special lasers, the ink particles can be broken down into smaller fragments. Your body absorbs these ink particles and takes them away from the tattoo using scavenger cells. After a few treatments, there will be a reduction in tattoo pigments and your tattoo will gradually disappear.

The Indian ink tattoos may start responding to treatments in as few as 6 treatment sessions, but it will take about 12 sessions to completely resolve them.

In a few cases, it is been observed that some tattoos can not be completely resolved. This is because some tattoos are absorbed to such a degree, that it becomes too deep for the laser light to reach it.

Laser tattoo removal is an easy and pain-free way to rid yourself of an unwanted tattoo.