How does laser tattoo removal work?

Posted on 03 Feb, 2011

Tattoos are inked art drawn onto the body. In the past, it was difficult to remove tattoos and the only option people had was to get a cover-up tattoo. However, with improvements in cosmetology, doctors have devised a technique of tattoo removal. This method is a laser treatment and it destroys the ink, making the tattoo disappear.

The laser treatment procedure

The first step is to consult a cosmetologist. The doctor will check your medical background and will then assess the size of the tattoo and the ink depth. This will help them in deciding the right laser treatment.

The laser process then begins. The doctor uses a numbing cream on the skin, generally Prilocaine or Lidocaine. Laser beams are then passed onto the effected skin in short bursts. This begins to destroy the ink. The lymph cells in the body dispose of the ink and this causes the tattoo to disappear.

Depending on the colour of the ink, future appointments may have to be made. For a normal black tattoo, a gap of eight weeks after the first session is suggested. This may vary depending on the person’s ability to heal and the ink used.

It is also essential to take proper care after the laser treatment is completed. Occasionally, there is swelling and itchiness afterwards. This lasts for a short period. Generally doctors prescribe an anti inflammatory cream to be applied onto the skin.