Acne treatment using specialist lasers has been in existence for quite a few years now, and is now starting to replace age-old methods, such as the use of antibiotics, of treating this particular condition. Many people have now realised that overusing antibiotics is not only harmful for their health but that it is not the most effective method for reducing acne. This is why a large number of acne sufferers are now starting to opt for laser acne treatment.

The procedure
In this process, a laser pen move over your acne-affected skin and the high intensity beam of light will act upon the acne on that area. By moving the laser pen back and forth, the unwanted tissues of skin are vaporised and more healthy looking skin will later surface. This is called new skin growth. This entire process of burning down the acne is called “laser resurfacing”.

After the laser treatment is conducted, new collagen is formed. Collagen is a particular protein in the skin’s connective tissue which produces texture for the skin. In the recovery period after the procedure, it is advised not to start using makeup, moisturiser or other products until the area has completely healed and your doctor says so.

Laser resurfacing or acne laser treatment is totally safe and relatively painless, but you will need to consult your skin dermatologist prior to undertaking treatment. The doctor will suggest the most suitable treatment for you depending on your skin type.