The laser hair removal procedure is specially designed to help individuals get rid of their unwanted body hair. Unlike other hair removal procedures, laser therapy works well at offering effective results. High-intensity laser light is used to disable hair follicles from producing hair.

As hair grows in cycles, individuals need to attend six to eight treatments at an interval of nine to twelve weeks. This time frame is sufficient to disable most follicles around the given area. Both women and men looking to get rid of unwanted hair can use laser hair removal. The procedure can be performed on different areas of the body including the:

• Face
• Neck
• Toes
• Arms
• Chest
• Back
• Chin
• Top lip
• Abdomen

The lasers used in the therapy are specially designed to enable permanent hair reduction. These lasers emit light at a specific wavelength that is absorbed by melanin (pigment present in the hair). As the laser targets the pigment, this treatment is highly effective on individuals with dark hair and light skin.

The ability of the laser to work at a narrow bandwidth on a constant basis is important for safe and efficient treatment. Once the laser emits light the hair shaft will be heated. Heat is then transferred from hair shaft to the nearby skin tissue for a few milliseconds. The laser device also features cooling attachments. This cools the nearby skin to completely absorb the heat transferred from the destroyed hair shafts.