How effective is laser tattoo removal?

Posted on 25 Feb, 2012

Laser tattoo removal is not the only solution being sold to people who, for whatever reason, regret their tattoo enough to want to get rid of it. There are many creams on the market, and yet, their efficacy is variable and results can be patchy. Some of the ingredients contained in these preparations can also be harmful to the skin and adversely affect skin pigmentation.

Tattoo removal using laser takes a different approach. The light energy applied to the skin is absorbed by the ink pigments that are trapped between the layers of skin. The light energy is transformed into heat energy, and the pigment particles begin to heat up until they start to break down.

Once they are small enough, the body is then able to remove them from the tattoo site, and the tattoo begins to fade away. This type of treatment is accumulative but provides good results in a safe and effective way.

Some inks or pigments do respond better to treatment than others, however. Professionally-executed tattoos using only black ink tend to resolve more completely than certain coloured tattoos as well as those done by amateurs.