How effective is laser treatment for black skin?

Posted on 27 Apr, 2011

People with black skin often find it hard to get rid of blemishes on their skin completely, and the creams and ointments available on the High Street are usually not very effective at clearing them. Laser treatment for black skin is a fantastic option though as it can produce fantastic results.

How does the laser treatment work for black skin?

Black skin contains more melanin than other skin tones. During the procedure, the laser beam penetrates the top layer of the skin. The pulses of the laser light reduce the presence of excessive melanin. The pulses used for treating black skin are usually much stronger than the ones used on other skin tones.

Laser technology really has come on leaps and bounds over recent years, and effective laser treatment for black skin is one such advancement. It is essential that you head to an experienced doctor when opting for laser treatment for black skin. Their expertise will ensure that your skin does not experience any discolouration and thus maintains its natural tone. It’s also essential for minimising any possible side effects.