How I.P.L. is able to remove birthmarks

Posted on 28 Jun, 2012

Birthmark removal using Intense Pulsed Light is a non-invasive treatment that can effectively reduce the appearance of both vascular and pigmented birthmarks. It is fast and safe, making troublesome birthmarks fade away from view.

So, how does I.P.L. work exactly? It involves using a device to apply intense pulses of light to the skin. In the case of vascular birthmarks, the haemoglobin in the blood inside the dilated vessels absorbs the light energy and begins to heat up. With pigmented birthmarks, it is the pigments in the skin that absorb the light and convert the energy to heat energy.

Once the temperature reaches sixty or seventy degrees, blood vessels begin to collapse and disintegrate; excess pigments start to fragment until they are small enough for the body’s scavenger cells to remove from the site. The length and intensity of treatment will depend on the age and size of the birthmark, but many people find some improvement even after the first session.

With this kind of technology available, there is no longer any need to live with a problematic birthmark; they can be removed, restoring confidence to those who have them.