Laser hair removal is a sophisticated procedure that removes hair quickly and painlessly. It can be used on any area of the face or body where excessive or normal hair growth can be removed for the long term.

A cold gel is applied to the area before the laser is used. Pulses of light are absorbed by the melanin contained within the hair shaft, causing it to heat up. This process also means that only the hair is targeted, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. A slight tingling sensation may be felt at this point, as the temperature within the hair follicle and shaft rises to between 65 and 70°C.

Once this temperature has been attained, the proteins contained in the hair and follicle is denatured and destroyed. The germinative cells are destroyed, eliminating the follicle’s capacity to produce new hair.

This is a quick procedure, with a woman’s legs typically requiring just 60 minutes for treatment. Afterwards, the hair will usually fall out within one to three weeks, although results are accumulative, and generally the best results are obtained after a couple of sessions.

While undergoing treatment, it is advisable to opt for shaving or using creams on the treated areas, rather than continuing with waxing, epilating or plucking.