Laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting way to remove and permanently reduce hair growth, but have you ever wondered how it actually works?

The Laser Treatment Clinic uses Intense Pulsed Light to provide hair removal services. The system itself is fairly simple: a hand-held device is passed over the areas of skin to be treated as it emits very intense light in extremely short bursts.

The hair contains higher levels of the pigment melanin than the surrounding skin, and so absorbs the light as it hits the skin. As the energy travels down the hair to the shaft and then the root and follicle, the light energy is transformed into heat energy.

Once the temperatures reach somewhere in the region of 60-70°C, the hair root is vaporised and the regenerative cells lining the hair follicle are denatured. As a result, the hair naturally falls out of the follicle and cannot be replaced.

IPL is a very rapid form of treatment, requiring as little as one hour to remove leg hair. Unlike waxing, however, it does not need to be repeated once a month, saving you time, effort and money. If you are looking for laser hair removal London is home to The Laser Treatment Clinic, an experienced provider of such treatments.