Laser hair removal is one of the fastest methods with the most durable results; but how does it actually work?

The technique used by The Laser Treatment Clinic is Advanced Intense Pulsed Light technology. It can be used on legs, but also on more sensitive areas like the bikini and face. In fact, AIPL can be used effectively on almost any part of the body where hair growth is a problem.

The temperature in the hair shaft and follicle rises with each pulse of light. At 65/70°C, a protein within hair cells and the follicle is denatured. Denaturing occurs when the heat disrupts the bonds that provide proteins with their structure. This basically renders active hair follicles and cells inactive and unable to grow new hair.

As the treatment is highly targeted, it is safe and results in hair-free skin with no risk of scarring or other skin damage. It is also incredibly quick and can be used on any skin types.

Laser treatment has previously been thought unsuitable or less effective when used on blond, white and grey hair, however, The Laser Treatment Clinic was one of the first to extend the service to these hair colours.