How laser tattoo removal is accomplished

Posted on 21 Dec, 2009

If you are not satisfied with the tattoo on your skin then laser treatment is one of the best options to help you to erase it. If you are planning to go for laser tattoo removal treatment then you need to know about the procedure that is involved.

In this process, a laser device is used to fragment the ink with the help of short pulses of intense and concentrated light. The wavelengths and the method of delivery are specifically designed to target the pigments of the tattoos. Moreover, the lasers do not affect the area of skin around the tattoo. Out of all the colours used in body art, black is the easiest to remove as it absorbs the full spectrum of light. On the other hand, colours like red, green, and blue need additional targeted laser pulses.

The lasers pass through the layers of your skin and the light is absorbed by the pigments of the tattoo which causes them to break them into smaller particles. After the process, the immune system of your body will help in removing these particles through absorption.
The whole process of laser tattoo removal requires anywhere between one and ten sessions, with each session lasting just a few minutes. With each session, the laser penetrates a little deeper into the skin to remove the ink.