How laser tattoo removal treatment helps in removing different tattoo designs

Posted on 18 May, 2010

Tattoos have increasingly become a part of mainstream culture and these days many youngsters are getting them. Like many people, if you also have several designs on your body and now want to remove them, opt for laser tattoo removal. The lasers used in laser tattoo treatment help in removing tattoos from any part of the body.

Laser tattoo removal is known for being painless and more effective than other traditional tattoo removal methods. In this treatment, the laser helps in breaking the ink of the tattoos into tiny particles. These pieces are then cleared by the immune system of the body. If you have decided to go for laser tattoo removal then you need to consult a reputable surgeon.

In this treatment, the number of sessions depends on the size and colours used in the tattoo.

Steps involved in laser tattoo removal

First of all, the dermatologist will cover your eyes with protective shields and then test the laser on your skin. Once this is completed, a handheld device is used for breaking down the tattoo. For large-sized tattoos and bright colours, lasers with more pulses are used to achieve the desired results.

After the laser tattoo removal treatment is completed, an ice pack or cream is applied to the treated area. It is recommended to protect the area from the sun for positive results.