How lasers can help in removing tattoos from your body

Posted on 01 Apr, 2010

Tattooing has become a very common trend and many people now have one. Tattoos are made with the help of electric tattoo machines which have needles attached to them. The needles move continuously with ink on their tip. This is how different coloured designs are printed onto the skin.

Like many others, if you also have a tattoo on your body and now you want to remove it, then you should opt for laser tattoo removal. This is because the laser helps in removing the tattoos more effectively than other methods.

In the laser tattoo removal procedure, the laser is focused on the tattooed area. This laser causes the ink to break into several tiny pieces which are then absorbed by the body. The whole process of tattoo removal will need several sessions.

Steps followed in laser tattoo removal

First, your eyes will be covered and then the lasers are tested on the skin. Once the test is complete, the lasers directly target the area to be treated. The time taken for the tattoo removal depends on the size and colour of tattoos. Large tattoos and bright colours like red, green, orange and white take longer to remove than others.

After the treatment, in order to achieve the desired results, it is recommended that the patient should not expose the treated skin to direct sunlight.